Project omschrijving

Transportsystem for degelatinised bone chips

JAVO Procestechniek designed and built a special transport system for Sonac.

Bone chips are slaughterhouse by-products and are treated in a process-based manner to provide products such as glue and Calfos (bone meal).

An innovative transport system was developed for the transport of bone chips, that transports the product from the first process step to the dryer, which is set up 2 production halls further on. After considering various transport systems and routes around the production hall, a route was chosen over the roof of the production hall at a height of 12 metres, with the first chain conveyor having a delivery angle of 40 degrees. The total transport system has a length of 50 metres and a capacity of 10t/h.

After the 2nd and horizontal chain conveyor, the product is buffered and then dosed and transported to the dryer. The chain conveyors are equipped with two stainless steel chains with bolted carriers in between. This version and a low transport speed have been chosen because of the wear-resistance of the medium.