Good equipment is developed by listening

We supply technical equipment for the following processes and products that include bulk goods, break-bulk, mixing, grinding, sieving and emptying of bags.
We can offer standard solutions and in addition, we specialise in custom work. Of course, always tailored to your wishes and needs and optimisation of your processes and products.
Our big bag filling and unloading units are a good example of how sophisticated equipment can make processes easier. Equipment developed by listening carefully to the needs of the customer. Equipment that has become in great demand.
Do you have a problem that needs solving? We are interested in how we can assist and look forward to your response.

Transport en dosage

There are a number of options for transporting powder, meal, grain, granulate, scrap, etc. JAVO would be happy to advise you with respect to requirements that include:

* the product to be transported
* capacity
* distance
* delivery height
* requirements with regard to contamination and cleaning

Screw conveyor transport
Screw transport is available in various versions and offers many options: transport from A to B, from horizontal to vertical, dosing or conveying. We build screw conveyors varying from 40mm to 800mm in diameter and lengths up to 25 metres in steel or stainless-steel versions or a combination thereof.  Capacity from 10kg to 100t/h.

Why not make use of our expertise and experience and find the right solution to your problem.

Chain transport
Chain transport is transport by means of chains pulled through a housing. In addition to the standard scraper chain and the fork chain, there is also a twin chain version in which the product is transported between the chains.
Chain transport can be suitable for transport in one or two directions and/or for dosing.

Segment transport
Segment transport is a good application for low-residue (low-contamination) transport. Semi-circular plastic discs are mounted on a chain that take the product from the inlet to one or more outlets.

Bucket elevator transport
An elevator can be used for vertical transport.
An elevator transports items by means of buckets mounted on a belt or chain.

Aero Mechanical Transport (AMT)
A low-residue transport system:
The working principle of the Aero Mechanical Transport is as follows: A cable is pulled through a tube at (usually) high speed. This creates an air flow that transports the product. Low speed operation is also possible

Container transport
For low-residue storage and transport of raw materials or end products. Containers from 100 litres to 5m3 available with the required transport tracks, turntables and vertical transport.
The use of AGV’s for transport can be an option.

Pneumatic transport
Pneumatic transport takes place with the aid of air in under-pressure or over-pressure: either vacuum conveying or pressure conveying. In both cases, use is made of HD fans or blowers and a separator with built-in filter, possibly with a pre-separator. We can offer solutions to reduce wear and to remove the leaked air from the rotary valve.

Powder, moist products and granulate; we offer you the right mixing solution in both vertical and horizontal mixers with different mixing systems with corresponding speeds, mixing times, release systems and cleaning options.
Mixers can also be used for cooling and heating as well as buffering of poorly flowing products.
Machines are available with a capacity of 100 – 10,000 litres in normal steel, stainless steel 304 and 316

Reducing or grinding products to the desired grain size: Reducing chunks with a crusher, grinding with a mill, either with or without sieves, at low or high speeds, etc.
Capacity depends on the product and the desired particle size. Machines are available in normal steel, stainless steel 304 and 316.
For products including foodstuffs and animal feed, or for recycling, biomass, plastics, minerals.

Drum sieve, vibrating sieve or shaker sieve? Sieving machines can be used as a control sieve or for separating multiple portions, but also, for example, for demetallization or cooling.
We have extensive experience with sieving sticky / greasy products.

Big Bag filling and emptying
Filling big bags can take place based on a desired filling weight or maximum filling. We supply stationary units and units with movable filler head, both with an inflatable inlet orifice for dustproof connection of the big bag filler hose.
Big bag discharge/emptying systems are available for hoist or forklift placement, stationary or with discharge activation, final weighing and also with cutting blades for big bags without a discharge sleeve.

Emptying bags
Emptying of bags can be performed manually to fully automatic.
Manually with a hand dumping unit where the bag is manually (or with a vacuum lifter) placed, cut open and shaken empty. The empty bag can be removed via a tube without taking it out of the dumping unit. A good extraction system is desirable and available.

Semi-automatic bag emptying with a machine
The cutting machine has a belt on which the bags are placed with a vacuum lifter. The machine cuts open the bags with 2 rotating blades, completely empties the bag and removes the empty bags. Capacity up to 500 bags per hour.

Emptying bags automatically with a Robot.
The robot removes the bag from the pallet, cuts and empties the bag into a hopper and removes the empty bag. If desired, the robot can collect and empty the desired number of bags from different raw material pallets in order to prepare the desired product mix. The gripper is still under development  to handle the various packages.
A robot is ideally suited for low-contamination work and for explosion-hazardous products. Current capacity up to approx. 200 bags/h.

We would be happy to work with you to come up with other solutions!