JAVO Procestechniek – engineering

JAVO Procestechniek can support your process systems and provide advice, engineering, project management, procurement and assembly. You can rely on our commitment and solid support, from the first advice to the commissioning of systems and the follow up. JAVO Procestechniek has a broad expertise in bulk material handling solutions for a range of industries, including animal feed, foodstuffs, recycling, energy and chemicals..

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A modification or expansion of your system, or new construction requires thorough preparation. We will discuss the possibilities and options with you and, where necessary, investigate the specific properties of the raw materials and end products to be processed. We will prepare capacity calculations and flow diagrams, carry out the required tests and design the system in conformity with local legislation and CE standards and ATEX guidelines. We will include any required SHE procedures in the design.
We can also scan the current system so that we can use it as the basis for our 3D model.

We discuss the design and 3D model with the users and, if agreed, we prepare a quotation for implementation. Once the assignment has been confirmed, the design is worked out in detail.


Project management requires time that you as a user may not have. We can carry out a substantial part of the project management, such as:

  • Choice of specialised suppliers and negotiations
  • Consultation with construction company and steel structure firm.
  • Providing the required specifications for cabling and control
  • Construction meetings
  • Planning and progress monitoring
  • Budget monitoring


We have expertise of many processes and raw materials and we can advise you on the choice of equipment and possible set-up. Your input of your experience with products is also of great importance.

Together we will make a strong team!


JAVO Procestechniek can supply turn-key projects, but if desired we will consult with suppliers on your behalf should you wish to purchase critical process equipment yourself.

Under this heading there are various options that we would like to discuss with you in detail.